Relaxation for Riders and grooms

25 June 2018

Dear riders and grooms, you're pleased to take your swimsuit in your suitcase, because during the Vichy Jumping International 3 jacuzzis will be available for you ! Besides, some physiotherapist students from the IFMK will offer you some massages.
Opening hours:
Thursday to Saturday : 3pm - 8pm
Sunday : 11am - 2pm

Relaxation will be at the rendez-vous !
Please take into consideration that this service is ONLY for riders and grooms, thank you !

New look for the Sichon Stadium

27 February 2018
In 2018, the legendary Sichon Stadium, owned by the SHF since 1896, will be completely renewed. Through a development program made by three different steps, the SHF and Vichy Communauté are about to create a proper equestrian hub, for the summer in first instance and then for the winter season.

The Sichon Stadium has a lot of advantages to offer as it houses 250 stalls in a wonderful and functional venue. Furthermore, its geographical location brings the possibility to attract some stakeholders from its region, Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes, but also from the neighbouring ones (Centre, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, ndlr). Through this project, our goal is to optimize the use of this arena and to provide an efficient tool to the professionals around”, explains Yves Chauvin, President of the SHF.

The first development will be to modify the main arena, the outdoor one overlooked by the amazing Eiffel stand. Originally made by grass, from now on the Sichon Stadium will offer a new ground composed of sand and fibres in order to guarantee a good quality whatever the weather forecast is. This way, more events will be hosted, whether by the SHF with the Young Horses classes and the International Jumping of Vichy, or by various organizers renting the site.

The second section of this project will take place in 2019 and involve the covering of the training arena already existing. This work will be the corner stone of a winter equestrian centre creation in Vichy offering a new service to horse riders around.

According to studies made and regarding the success of the equestrian centre in Chazey-sur-Ain, a major venue in Rhône-Alpes, we noticed a real need to which we hope to answer with the transformation of the pre-existing site and the organisation of more events, whether shows, clinics or others… However, every project needs to be carried by a man and this is why the final program will be decided by the one who will take the lead of this venue”, adds Yves Chauvin.

The last part is expected for 2020 and will be the layout of the indoor arena (the cladding, the creation of a new 1000-seat-stand) and of a catering space, the building of 50 new stalls and the parking development in order to welcome more people.

Nowadays, the site is hosting around ten events a year. With this refurbishment, the settled goal is to organize, over a first phase, about fifteen shows and then, in a long-term planning, more then twenty over the year, during the summer or the winter. Therefore, the 122nd edition of the International Jumping of Vichy will showcase its CSI 2*, from June 28th to July 1st, on the new sand arena. At the same time, an Amateur CSI and a Young Horse one will also take place.